Making Your Own Space Mission (Kimission)


What is Kimission?

Kimission is an experience-based and residence-type educational program of five days
for high school students held at a frontline of cutting-edge space science research.

Five days for high school students to be researchers

Making Your Own Space Mission (Kimission) is another program for high school students.

They team up and plan space missions from the ground up under the supervision of graduate students of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.

The young mission planners spend five full days in JAXA Sagamihara campus, exploring their own ideas along with space.

Their missions are presented to the audience of JAXA professionals on the last day, and the teams have the option to develop their mission further and give presentation at the annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of Japan.

Participants High school students
Number of participants Around 20 students
Schedule 5-day/4-night
Venue JAXA Sagamihara Campus (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa)

Kimission week

Let's have a look at the Kimission week!

The 1st day

The 1st day
Orientation meeting
Mission designing
Welcome party
Debriefing session

The 2nd day

The 2nd day
Mission designing
Special lectures
Facility tour
Debriefing session

The 3rd day

The 3rd day
Short lectures by graduate students
Mission designing
Interim report
Debriefing session

The 4th day

The 4th day
Mission designing
Final presentation
Closing party
Round-table talk

The 5th day

The 5th day
Report preparation
Closing ceremony

Voices of the participants

I have recognized what lacks in me and had an opportunity to consider what I should do to overcome it.

It was a good opportunity to ask many questions about earth science and consult about my future career.

The program gave me confidence to pronounce my opinions actively.

Kimission after the event

Heated discussions are to be continued...

The high school students who participated in the Kimission program also participate in the junior session at the Astronomical Society of Japan held in March with a brushed-up version of their mission presented at the final presentation.

  • Practice on the previous day
    Practice on the previous day
  • Oral presentation
    Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation
    Poster presentation