What is "Lunarcraft"?

In 2007, a lunar orbiting satellite was launched from Tanegashima Space Center, Japan. The main objective was to explore the moonʼs origin and evolution. The orbiterʼs name is "KAGUYA(SELENE)".
JAXA has reproduced the lunar world in the Minecraft world based on a great amount of data obtained by "KAGUYA".
Now, letʼs start an adventure into the lunar world that is so different from Earth!

Opening movie of the Lunarcraft

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Download here.

Lunarcraft can be imported to Minecraft Education or the Bedrock Edition that you have already installed.
※Not available for Nintendo Switch and JAVA editions.

Lunarcraft for Bedrock Lunarcraft for Education


Tips on enjoying the Lunarcraft experience.

〇 Precautions

1. Keep as far away from the screen as possible. Avoid playing in dark places and make sure the room is well-lit.
2.Avoid playing the game for long periods of time. (Take a 10-minute break every 30 minutes or so).
3.Small children should play with a parent or guardian present.