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Space Education Materials (hereinafter referred to as ‘Space Materials’) are materials which are produced by the Development Committee for Education Materials and others involved in JAXA Space Education Center and which are compiled with ideas of the related entities to JAXA’s Space educational activities and those of the Space Education Leaders all over Japan

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How to use the Space Materials

The Space Materials are available free just for personal uses and for educational activities such as schoolwork. However, for video images, downloading is not allowed, please use only viewing.
In case of using the Space Materials, please read "About Copyright" below.


* Some Space Materials use sharp tools, such as cutters and scissors, and may require tools that require a license to handle. Please be careful when handling these tools.

* Please take measures to prevent COVID-19 spread, and use Space Materials at your own risk and responsibility.


  • Modification is basically not allowed to any of the Space Materials. For the Space Materials relating to specific individuals such as astronauts, modification is not permitted entirely to protect individual rights. For the others, modification might be allowable in case of use for educational activities, please contact us to consult. Modification includes, but not limited to acts of trimming a drawing, image, voice data or video data, (for example, an act of changing the ratio of height and length of an image, cropping part of an image, or mounting an image inside another image that seriously undermines the original image etc.), changing colors, and turning over an image.
  • JAXA Logo is a registered trademark in Japan and other countries. It is not available for the general public to use unless prior permission is received from the trademark holder (JAXA).


  • The content in this site does not endorse the activities of any specific individual, group, or organization.
  • JAXA approval is required before the Space Materials can be used for commercial.

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Type of Space Materials

This Space material consists of "Material for Activities with instruction guidance", "Teaching guides", "Materials for introduction with explanation", "Materials for Space school / home Education " except for video images materials.

For each type description please read below.

Materials for Activities with instruction guidance

Materials for Activities with instruction guidance include some ideas and examples for conducting activities with the awareness of connection with space. They are edited based on the past informal education activities, mainly practiced by the Young Astronaut Club (YAC). The relation between each material and space can be checked at the education map.

Teaching Guides

Teaching guides are materials for instructors, in which there are plenty of know-how to practice space education as informal education activities in local communities. They not only provide guidance on each material theme but also concretely show the flow of whole activity.

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