Cosmic College

Cosmic College: from kindergarten to high-school students

Most of the activities for young people that the Center supports continue to be carried out as part of "Cosmic College", which aims to achieve the following objectives:
i) to increase interest of young people in science and technology;
ii) to help establish voluntary groups of young people that are fond of science and technology;
iii) to motivate young people to raise questions, think and find solutions by themselves;
iv) to encourage collaborations with others;
v) to lead young people to appreciate the importance of life.
The Cosmic College offers three courses, covering from kindergarten to high school students. In addition to those Cosmic College courses, the Center also supports a few other recurrent space education events and nonrecurrent special events for young people.

Children having fun during a Cosmic College course

Japan Water Rocket Contest

Space Camp at Tanegashima Space Center

Children presenting during Space Camp