International Space Education Board (ISEB)


JAXA, through its Space Education Center, collaborates with the members of the International Space Education Board (ISEB), which was established by CSA, ESA, JAXA and NASA in October 2005 in order to: i) increase science, technology, engineering and mathematics literacy achievement in connection with space; and ii) support the future workforce needs of space programs. ISEB meets once a year during the annual IAC. The membership is open to any public organisation carrying out space activities and pursuing education programmes. The membership was expanded in 2006 to include CNES.

IAC 2011 ISEB Heads of Agency Q&A Session

International Space Education Board (ISEB)

International Astronautical Congress (IAC) :
Student Participation Programme

JAXA through its Space Education Center jointly organizes with CSA, CNES, ESA and NASA the Student Participation Programme during the annual IAC and sponsors Japanese students to attend IAC technical sessions and many other IAC activities. By providing opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas with students from other countries, the Programme assists young people to acquire broad perspectives in their future activities. Various activities for the participating students of the Programme take place at the International Student Zone (ISZ), the exhibition area set up for the students to meet, interact with each other and present their work.

IAC 2011 ISEB Outreach Activity

JAXA sponsored students presentation at the International Student Zone (ISZ)

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Locations where IAC have taken place

International Institute of Space Law(IISL)

The International Institute of Space Law was founded in 1960. The purposes and objectives of the Institute include the cooperation with appropriate international organisations and national institutions in the field of space law and the carrying out of tasks for fostering space law development.

World Finals of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court competition, Cape Town, South Africa, 2011

IISL 2011 JAXA supportedAsia-Pacific Round representative, Ms. Navleen Kaur, earned Best Oralist in the World Finals

NASA Academy

The NASA Academy is an intensive summer project for highly motivated and successful undergraduate and graduate students. Each year, the academy selects high-achieving students in a variety of academic disciplines from U.S. and international universities. The academy's purpose is to bring together the likely future leaders in space activity so that they learn at an early stage how NASA functions and become acquainted with each other personally and professionally.

NASA Academy 2012, Ames Research Center, field trip

NASA Academy 2012 JAXA supported student, Ms. Takako Kuroyanagi