From the Director

From the Director

From the Director

Our philosophy in space education is maximized
in a society of co-creation

Children's enthusiasm for objects and phenomena, motivation for experience and learning, struggle toward achievement, joy of success, and discovery of new horizons ‒ JAXA aims to assist in such learning as well as physical and emotional growth and development, by considering space education as one of the pillar tasks of JAXA.

The activities of the Center take advantage of diverse achievements in the fields of space and aeronautics, as one of its lead projects and carrying out projects in collaboration with teachers, who are directly involved in the education of children.

Today's society is characterized by changes in the environment that surrounds us, including innovations in information technology and shifts in the economic balance, which make it difficult to have a long-term outlook.Under such circumstances, the perspective required for children's education is also evolving. In order to foster the ability to identify and solve problems, merely having rich knowledge and high individual performance is not sufficient. Rather, it requires abilities such as in collaboration, co-creation, and continuous learning, which also pose a major challenge on the part of educators.

We take advantage of the synergy generated through networking with diverse parties concerned, not only government institutions that play a role in the fields of space and education but also industries and non-profit organizations, in the hope of achieving our ideal space education.

JAXA's activities are based on its missions to realize a world where JAXA's achievements are utilized by society, through which they become well-established, to pursue challenging research and development that opens up a new world, thereby leading the country and the world, and to actively invite new partners and adopt new technologies, and so create innovations.

Similarly in the field of education through space, we strive toward growth of the children who will lead the next generation and evolution of the global community, and from a more advanced perspective, the space community.

Director, JAXA Space Education Center
JAXA Space Education Center
Kaori Sasaki