Aerospace School

What is Aerospace School?

Aerospace School is a residence-type program for high school students.
The participants tackle “space and aeronautical missions” cooperatively.

Visit JAXA institutions and experience the “front line” of space aeronautics!

The Space Education Center supports and creates learning opportunities for students and educators both domestically and internationally.

In JAXAʼs Aerospace School program, high schoolers live and work as a team for several days in space center facilities across Japan.

The program brings students into direct contact with working members of the Japanese space program, state- of-the-art research facilities and spacecrafts, and authentic experiences that emerge from working with other teens that share their passion.

Aerospace School
Participants High school students
Number of participants 10-30 students (Depends on the program)
Schedule 3-day/2-night to 5-day/4-night



The Aerospace School program provides a variety of education programs.

Lectures/Practice (= human)

Lectures/Practice (= human)
The participants will experience various lectures and practices in the field of space aeronautical research and development. Lectures are presented by JAXA’s working staff members.

Facility tour (= object)

Facility tour (= object)
The participants visit JAXA institutions and observe spacecrafts, aircrafts, and other research facilities, which usually are out of bounds.

Exchanges (= affair)

Exchanges (= affair)
The participants bring ideas and tackle “space and aeronautical missions” cooperatively with their fellow team members.

*A debriefing session (or debate, laboratory visit, etc.) will be held on the last day.