SEEC (Workshop for incorporating space in education)
Dispatch Program

What is the SEEC dispatch program?

What is the SEEC dispatch program?

JAXA provides a program to send educators in Japan overseas.

Introduce your original educational material in the US!

SEEC is a workshop for educators presided over by the Space Center Houston, an official visitor center at NASA.

More than 500 educators from around the world gather for the purpose of promoting the use of “space” in education, presenting their teaching methods and original educational materials, and exchanging opinions and information.

Since the 12th workshop, JAXA has sent Japanese teachers chosen through open recruitment to make presentations on practices of teaching methods and cases from education in Japan on the theme of “space.”
Participants are expected to acquire a global perspective on space education through their experience at the workshop, in addition to attending classroom lessons at local schools and exchanges with other participants from around the world, and bringing it back to Japan to disseminate.

  • A presentation scene at SEEC
    A presentation scene at SEEC
  • A classroom lesson at a local school in Houston
    A classroom lesson at a local school in Houston

JAXA sends several school teachers every year to make presentations at the workshop.

The participants are expected to use the experience and knowledge obtained there in various ways in their future education activities in Japan.

JAXA requests them to report periodically about these activities, including examples of the use of such experience and knowledge, as well as their presentation at academic societies and other education-related circles.
By reporting these results at occasions such as a symposium on space education, we aim to share them in a broad circle of education fields.

Participants Teachers of any subject at kindergartens, nursery schools, and primary, junior high, and high schools.
Schedule About one week in early February
Venue Space Center Houston in Texas, USA
Recruitment April to mid-August
Sponsor Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (tentative)
Reference SEEC official website

* Please contact our office for details.
The schedules of the event and recruitment change every year.