Support for Formal Education

Space activities encompass the accumulation of human knowledge and provide a common thread that links many different aspects of human activities. Many materials that resulted from space activities catch the attention of young people and appeal to their curiosity. The challenge is to find the best way to make those materials available for use under the most conducive learning environment for young people.

Through its formal education support, the Space Education Center aims to expand and enhance the use of attractive space materials by schools and teachers to assist the students in learning various subjects according to the curriculum guidelines. The Center considers it essential to work closely with school teachers as they are in a better position to understand young people's needs and feelings through their daily interactions.

Lecture on Rocket Launching to Junior High School students

Vacuum experiment demonstration at Shimosuwa Kita Elementary School

Space Lecture at Ohkouchi Elementary School

Children throwing umbrella bag rockets at Ichinose Elementary School