One-Day Space Reporter

What is the One-Day Space Reporter?

One-Day Space Reporters report to their peers on the air of tension and excitement at the site of a rocket launch.

An opportunity of experience, sympathy, utilization

The One-Day Space Reporter program consists of newsgathering activities as a reporter, including observation at Tanegashima Space Center on the day of a rocket launch, and interviews with engineers on the spot, in addition to learning the island’s history. The reporters are expected to observe an individual subject closely (it may be a person, or object, or event), and always to think and act accordingly about what should be reported in the real-time intercommunication on the day of launch, as well as in a briefing session to be held at their schools.

It is an ideal opportunity to experience the real front-line of space development today.

An opportunity of experience, sympathy, utilization

One-Day Space Reporter

  • A scene of a rocket launch
    A scene of a rocket launch
  • Real-time intercommunication
    Real-time intercommunication

Making use of the opportunity of a rocket launch, several junior high school students are sent as “one-day reporters” to the launch venue.

They interview staff and introduce the scene of the rocket launch to their school friends, including the thoughts of people working on the launch.
Through real-time intercommunication transmitted by a person they know, the students at the schools can experience the special air of tension and excitement just as vividly, without being on the spot.
The program also includes a briefing session to summarize the activity.

Through the experience of the One-Day Space Reporter program, students learn that space exploration is supported by a combination of factors (people, activities, technology, facilities, etc.) and will notice the importance of cooperation with others in their daily life as well.

Participants Junior high school students
Schedule At the time of a rocket launch
Venues JAXA Tanegashima Space Center, and the schools of the reporter students
* Connected during the intercommunication