Space School for Families

As natural evolution of its support for informal education through collaborations with local communities, the Space Education Center has increased its efforts to bring space home in the past year. Its support for home education is provided mainly through its collaborations with Kodomo-Uchu-Mirai Association (KU-MA) in organizing "Space School for Families", for participation by parents and children together.

The "Space School for Families" programme consists of a several gatherings throughout the year, called "schooling", where the participating parents and children learn together about various space-related subjects and conduct basic experiments, and are given homework assignments to be done between sessions using the learning materials distributed during the schooling. While similar to the programme of regular schools, this programme is unique in providing opportunities for the parents and their children to share time together at home to discuss space-related topics and to conduct experiments as homework. Through "Space School for Families", the Center aims to enhance parent-child relationships and help create a conducive learning environment at home.

Making tops out of cardboard as a family

Launching a hand made hot air balloon

Making crafts together as a family

Throwing hand made umbrella bag rockets