To play the game in English,
click on the "eng" button in the bottom right corner of the opening screen.

It's the world's first ever challenge to accomplish a precise landing on the Moon!
This "Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM)" will travel from the Earth to the Moon and then land on the surface.
But you know that traveling straight from the Earth to the Moon takes a lot of fuel.
Our small spacecraft cannot carry so much fuel. So, you need to use a technique called "swing-by" to plan a route to the Moon that uses less fuel.
Swing-by is the process of using the motion and gravity of a celestial body (like the Earth or the Moon) to change the speed and direction of our explorer using gravity.
When our explorer is above the Earth, it is pulled by the Earth's gravity.
The explorer must begin its journey to the Moon with a thrust greater than Earth's gravity, but then relies on the gravity of the Moon and the Earth to control its direction and speed.

When you click on the link, the game will begin loading. Wait a few seconds until you get to the start screen.
Supported platforms

PC: Windows 10 or later, Chromebook (ChromeOS 107 or later), iPad (IOS 15 or later)

How to play
To play in the English version, click on the "eng" button in the lower right corner of the opening screen.

If your explorer approaches the Moon traveling too fast, it will crash into the surface.
You will need to slow SLIM's speed just the right amount. You will also want to control the velocity.
So, what is the best trajectory (path) to take for your explorer to reach the Moon using as little fuel as possible?
There are three stages in this game.

  • Direct route to the Moon

  • Swing-by route

  • When you need more fuel than what's in the first tank, try again.

  • If you aim for the blue area in the middle, you will send SLIM through the swing-by route that it is aiming for. This is the point.

  • Your explorer will go around the Moon.
    Experience the swing-by route.

In the first stage, swing-by from the Earth to the Moon, you could direct your craft straight to the Moon but you will waste a lot of fuel.
Try using a swing-by approach to save as much fuel as you can.
Try to achieve an S rank!
  • Choose your landing site before your explorer is down to one-third of remaining fuel.

  • The yellow sighting ring will turn blue when it is over your target.

In the second stage, you will direct your SLIM to survey the lunar surface using an image of the target landing site that was placed on board before departure from the Earth.
Look for craters that match the image.
Be careful not to take too long or you will run out of fuel.
  • First, use the craft's thrusters to approach the landing site.

  • Position it where it will not hit any boulders or other obstacles.

  • Orient the explorer horizontally to the lunar surface so that all landing gear will touch the surface.

When you find a suitable landing site, your third stage will be to accomplish a pinpoint landing.
The goal is to land within 100 meters of the selected landing site.
You must be careful of obstacles such as boulders.
So, at the altitudes of 50 and 3 meters above the lunar surface, SLIM will use its radar to scan the surface.
Once you find a safe place, rotate the main body of SLIM horizontally and land on the surface.

〇 Precautions

1. Keep as far away from the screen as possible.
  Avoid playing in dark places and make sure the room is well-lit.
2. Avoid playing the game for long periods of time.
 (Take a 10-minute break every 30 minutes or so).
3. Small children should play with a parent or guardian present.

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