Support for Informal Education

Supporting informal education continues to be another pillar of the activities of the Space Education Center. Using unique programmes and materials that it has developed, the Center supports educational activities carried out by other entities rather than schools outside the formal curricula, normally during off school days.

Through its informal education support, the Center aims to maximize the synergies of space education efforts undertaken by various entities, including local governments and non-governmental and non-profit entities. The center aims to achieve this objective while ensuring that its goals and principles continue to be followed by those entities involved in space education activities around the country and building upon what has been achieved by its interactive program "Cosmic College"

Cosmic College

The Center supports continue to be carried out as part of "Cosmic College", which aims to achieve the following objectives: i) to increase interest of young people in science and technology; ii) to help establish voluntary groups of young people that are fond of science and technology; iii) to motivate young people to raise questions, think and find solutions by themselves; iv) to encourage collaborations with others; v) to lead young people to appreciate the importance of life.

Space Education Leaders Seminar

In 2009, the Center began to offer training opportunities for those instructors with experience to further enhance their knowledge about space education and their skills. The support system for the space education instructors who have completed the Seminars has also been enhanced, to facilitate communication among them and to provide material support for their space education activities.