The Seven Wonders

1-minute podcast in various languages! Each episode contains amazing wonders of space! The script is available for you to study. Have a listen!

The First Series: The Seven Wonders of the Moon

(viewing time:1:04)
[upload 06/22/2022]

1.Why does the Moon shine?
The Moon does not create its own light, so why is it so bright?

(viewing time:1:12)
[upload 07/04/2022]

2.Why can we only see one side of the Moon?
No matter when you look, you can only see one side of the Moon from Earth. But why?

(viewing time:1:19)
[upload 07/11/2022]

3.Why does the Moon have craters?
Why does the Moon have so many craters, but the Earth does not?

(viewing time:1:11)
[upload 07/19/2022]

4.Why are there footprints on the Moon?
Humans have not visited the Moon for a long time. So why do footprints remain on the Moon's surface?

(viewing time:1:10)
[upload 07/27/2022]

5.Is there water on the Moon?
Water is key to life on Earth, but is there also water on the Moon?

(viewing time:1:12)
[upload 08/04/2022]

6.Could humans live on the Moon?
Humans have visited the Moon, but could we build a home there?

(viewing time:1:28)
[upload 08/10/2022]

7.Did you know that the Moon is made from the Earth?
Have you ever wondered how the Moon was formed?

The Second Series: The Seven Wonders of the Mars

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